Hey everyone, its Javi!

Im a 31 year old, Colombian guy passionated for traveling, exploring and capturing those unique moments and beautiful places our world has to offer.

What I like the most about traveling is relating with people and understanding other cultures lifestyles. This makes me to be constantly reinventing myself in order to be open to new knowledge, learning on the-go and creating value from every situation.

My travel advice: Enjoy each moment while visiting a new destination, but most important: listen what people wants to share with you, cause you’ll probably wont find it on any textbook and this is where real value comes from…
others life-experience!

<relate to people>

Photography has become an extension of me, which I use daily to capture and share with you how I see my life and all the beauty that comes with it.

Feel inspired through my work to come across those mental barriers we always create and take a look to whats outside the for you in the unknown. Because this is where life changes from ordinary, casual or boring into that fulfillment you’ve been waiting this whole time to happen…

<let’s create together>

Colab-working creates better results in a faster way, so lets get into it and start creating amazing content and campaigns for brands while discovering the word!